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Anaheim Laser Hair Removal

You can’t choose where your hair grows or how much you have in any given place on your body. In fact, for many of us, body hair is quite a nuisance, so why not get rid of it for good? Remarkable advances in laser hair removal tools and techniques have dramatically increased the effectiveness of this treatment for both men and women. Excessive or unwanted hair in many areas of the body can now be permanently removed with virtually no pain and very few side effects.

At Focus Medical Spa in Anaheim, we utilize the industry’s most advanced technology to create smooth, hair-free skin wherever you desire. In all three of our Southern California locations, we employ trained medical staff who are experts at using the Lumenis™ LightSheer™ system. Complete with its own patented cooling handpiece, this laser hair removal system is top of the line.

When you are treated with the LightSheer™ system, you’ll experience an easy and comfortable hair removal process. We recommend five to six treatments scheduled about a month apart. For each individual case, we will determine exactly how many treatments will be best, depending on your hair thickness, hormone levels, and other factors like skin color and age.

In order to receive this treatment, it is important that you do a certain amount of preparation before you come in. For example, you need to allow your hair to grow naturally for at least six weeks before your appointment. This means no waxing, tweezing, depilatory, or electrolysis in the area whatsoever. For a full rundown of the pre-procedure and post-procedure rules, give us a call at (877) 777-1940 or stop by any of our offices in Anaheim, Irvine, or San Juan Capistrano.