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Many people have excessive hair on different parts of their body that they find unsightly or irritating. The picture of a healthy body always shows someone with extremely smooth skin that does not feature any unwanted hair. That is the ideal that most people want for their skin so often they are looking for ways to eliminate and rid their skin of this hair that mars their beauty.


When looking for a facility for laser hair removal in Orange County, you should look for a medial spa that is run by physicians and not a business person who does not have a thorough understanding of the needs to ensure that women or men laser hair removal is done safely and easily without excessive treatments necessary. You should also understand the types of laser hair removal equipment that they are using to ensure it is the latest technology and that does the job effectively.


A medical spa offers your best alternative for laser hair removal but to get the best in technology you want to find one that has the latest in laser technology and that is of the highest quality so you will be assured of the need for fewer treatments and you also want to be sure that the laser that is used is approved by the FDA. It makes a difference also in how old the laser is so do your homework carefully before making a selection of a medical spa for women or men laser hair removal.


Go for the best medical spa available

Researching a medical spa for laser hair removal requires some time and effort but there are good ones out there that will provide you with the premium high quality women and men laser hair removal you are looking for. As to speak to the director and find out if the director is a physician who understands the laser hair removal technology. Consultations are free and are well worth the time spent.


Focus Medical Spa is a renowned medical spa that offers the latest in laser hair removal technology with its Lumenis LightSheer laser that is the best in the world today. The director of Focus Medical Spa is Dr. Farid Mostamand, a well-known physician who is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and is certified in non-surgical medical cosmetic procedures. He is also the Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at University of California at San Diego so he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Focus Medical Spa making it a great choice for women or men laser hair removal.


Focus Medical Spa offers other types of procedures besides laser hair removal that includes Botox, microdermabrasion and acne treatments. With a knowledgeable staff who provide the best in care you can have laser hair removal from any part of the body no matter what your skin type. The Lumenis LightSheer laser hair removal treatments are non-invasive and long lasting making it the ideal solution for removal of unwanted or excessive hair.


What are the side effects and recovery?

Laser hair removal with the Lumenis LightSheer laser is considered a very safe and effective solution for your women and men laser hair removal. It usually takes more than one treatment because the hair grows in different phases so not all would be removed in one session. Some people experience some discomfort during the treatment and some areas of the body are much more sensitive than others so sometimes a topical anesthesia is used. You can usually resume any regular activities after the treatment is completed. Side effects are usually minor.


How does it work?

The Lumenis LightSheer laser features a beam of light that is absorbed by the hair follicles so the fractional pulse of the laser pierces the hair and will inhibit its ability for regrowth. Because it treats more than one follicle of hair at a time, it can cover large areas of the body much more easily and more quickly as well. The most important part of the procedure that makes it ideal for even those with the most sensitive of skin is the cooling that is done by the physician with a special piece of handheld equipment that will cool the upper layer of the skin before the treatment starts, during the treatment and again after the laser has been pulsed to the root of the hair. Some effects of the women and men laser hair removal are a slight swelling of the skin or redness that can occur but this is a good indication that the treatment worked.