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Microdermabrasion Procedures

So you want to combat the signs of aging, but you also want a simple process with no pain and no needles. Microdermabrasion is a painless and effective procedure that has been in use for decades. It is highly effective in treating age spots, acne scars, stretch marks, flaking skin, wrinkles, and even fine lines. It is ideal for most people, and the results can last a lifetime.

At Focus Medical Spa, we use the ExcellaDerm™ microdermabrasion system, and our clients simply love the results. This system is of the highest quality, and our clients sing its praises over and over. The process exfoliates your skin on a sub-epidermal level by gently loosening the topmost layer of dead skin.

There is no recuperation time after the procedure, although some people may experience redness for a day or two. You will definitely feel the difference right away, with smooth skin and improved epidermal color being an immediate result. Over time, you will notice better tone, less clogged pores and blackheads, increased circulation, and a natural glow to your skin as well.

For those who administer topical acne medications, you will notice that they absorb better and seem more effective in many cases. Microdermabrasion can unlock the power of healthy skin in as little as 30 minutes per session. When you set up your appointment, we can show you all the benefits of having this procedure, no matter what your skin type or age. Call today and find out for yourself at (877) 777-1940.