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Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Medical and surgical advances now allow people to completely overhaul themselves cosmetically if they so desire. Southern California residents are no strangers to these types of procedures, and some would credit the area with popularizing them over the past few decades. While some people get facelifts, tummy tucks, and even more reconstructive surgeries done, others are just looking for a little pick-me-up.

For men and women who aren’t looking to go under the knife, Focus Medical Spa offers several painless and non-surgical cosmetic treatments that offer extremely effective and long-lasting results. We perform all of our procedures on site and educate you on every step of the process. Whether you’re interested in BOTOX®, Restylane®, Photorejuvenation, or laser hair removal treatments, we’ve got just the right procedure for your needs.

BOTOX® is very popular, but what are the risks involved? What is Restylane® and how can it help my facial folds around my nose and mouth? Is laser hair removal really permanent? We can answer these and all your questions quickly and in plain explanations when you come in for your first free consultation.

We have helped many people just like you get the satisfaction they want from non-surgical treatments. Before you consider a face lift or other invasive surgery, consider our painless and effective options at Focus Medical Spa. We are open during the week from Monday through Saturday, 9AM to 6PM and can be reached at (877) 777-1940.